RM Educare Profile

Registered under Colombian law
  Registro Mercantil No. S-0033496 of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce
   Th Foundation was formally registered in 2009, although the Library
   Program has operated since 2007 in partnership with AWC-Gocetas.

   The Fundación Restrepo-Millán Educare contributes to dignify, enhance
   and enrich the human condition with the hope of giving more meaning
   to the lives of people and communities, especially those most vulnerable.

   Administrative Team
   Verónica Guzmán Restrepo
         President and International Relations Director
   Carolina Guzmán Restrepo
         Vice-president of Design and Cultural Promotion
   Mariluz Restrepo J.
   Susan Kleinheinz-Romero
         Vice-president Maga Project

   Our Name
   The Foundation honors the name of a prominent Colombian Philologist,
   Humanist, and Educator  J. M. Restrepo-Millán (1894-1955).
   It takes the Latin word educare in its original meaning of "pulling out",
   "bringing out from within", as a basis of all its actions.

   In all our interventions we value:
   • The sense of community
   • The intervention of participants
   • The care for the environment

   Fields of work
   Assessment, design, implementation and/or evaluation of projects
   related to education, socio-cultural development and infrastructure
   that foment human and community development.

   Current Programs
   •  FRM’s Library Program targets private or public primary/elementary
      schools in low-income communities interested in developing or
      improving the school’s library. The program provides four services:
      assessment and proposal development, setting up a library, training, and
      developing library projects.
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   •  The Institutional Development Program helps educational, socio-cultural
      and community oriented organizations as well as micro-enterprises to
      enhance its activities and services for the benefit of the community. 
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                                                                                and MAGA Project>

   The Research Program is intended to back-up and evaluate our activities
     and to contribute evidence-based research to the work of others
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   - American Women's Club Bogotá/Gocetas

   - Romero-Gaitán Family, Bogotá
   - Develop fund-raising strategies to secure the work of the Foundation
   - Establish partnerships with national and international organizations
   - Increase the publicity of the Foundation
 C O N T A C T    I N F O
 Mariluz Restrepo
 Bogotá, Colombia    Tel. (571) 348 2571
 US Vonage Tel. 1 202 787 1976

 Verónica Guzmán
 USA - Tel.  1 202 4591929

 Carolina Guzmán
 USA - Tel.  1 202 3788938

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