Other Programs

Institutional Development
  The Institutional Development Program aims to  
  strengthen the activities and services of educational and
  socio-cultural organizations as well as micro enterprises.

  Each process is unique depending on the characteristics,
  needs and desires of those involved. Each project is
  developed in partnership with other persons or
  organizations and with the participation of the

  Ma. Azuero de Gaitán Elementary School, Facatativá
Comprehensive development
plan of Ma. Azuero de Gaitán,
a public, elementary school,
located in a rural area close to Facatativá, two hours from
The project began in
December 2008.
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  This project is developed in 
  partnership with the
  Romero-Gaitán family, and
  has the local government´s
  approval and support.
  The project includes:
  - maintenance and
    expansion of existing
  - school-community library
    and computer lab
  - enhancement of teaching
  - nutritional evaluation
  - multipurpose room
  - community development

International Involvement

  As part of the work that
  the President of our
  Foundation, Verónica
  Guzmán, has been
  developing in  Uganda,
  we are helping the
  Christian Counseling
  Fellowship Foundation
  develop the educational
  plan for Pader Girls'

   See www.ccfpader.org
 Pader Girls' Academy, Uganda  The Academy is a secondary
  boarding school for girls who
  cannot enroll in mainstream
  education because they have
  babies, have gaps in their
  schooling as a result of years,
  in LRA captivity, and/or lack


  The Research Program is intended to back-up, evaluate
  and promote our activities and to contribute
  evidence-based research to the work of others.

 Library Program Evaluation

  In evaluating the impact of the Library Program, we are
  interested in the effect of libraries on student, teacher,
  and parent indicators. These include not only the effect
  of libraries on student achievement and motivation, but
  also on teaching practices, attitudes toward the
  library, and impact on children’s families.

J.M. Restrepo-Millán's Legacy

  This Foundation honors the name of a prominent
  Colombian philologist, humanist, and educator who lived
  between 1894 and 1955. His ideas, writings and
  teachings would be of great significance today.
  The research project expects to recuperate, organize,
  and transcribe in digital format his manuscripts and
  published materials and to complete his biography.

   Excellent Teaching Practices
  This project is intended to characterize excellent
  teaching practices. It is based on the answers given by
  more than 2,000 students, ages 10 to 25, when asked to
  choose their best teacher and explain their choice.

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