MAGA Project

   The MAGA project is a comprehensive development 
   program to assure an excellent education for the children
   of the Maria Azuero de Gaitan school -MAGA, a public
   elementary school in San Rafael a rural mountainous area
   close to Facatativa, a town about 1 and 1/2 hours from
   Bogota, and to contribute to the well being of its

   The project is developed jointly with the Romero-Gaitan
   family, and it includes the following:
   - Architectural maintenance and additions
   - School and community library with internet services
   - Enhancement of teaching practices
   - Assessment of student's health and nutrition
   - Inclusion of agriculture and English classes in the
   - Teaching materials
   - Community development programs

Reconstruction in process
of an existing space within the school building that was used as living quarters for a family.

This space will house the school and community library with internet services

Construction, with community participation, of a prefabricated house for school keepers

Temporary Library and distribution of school/kits

The project began at the end of 2008, the first stage was completed in 2010,
and now the library program is being developed

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