Library Program

  The Library Program targets private or public primary/elementary schools
  in low-income communities interested in developing or improving the
  school’s library. The Library Program’s uniqueness is that it tailors its
  program to respond to the needs and characteristics of each school.

  The Foundation strongly believes that creating or strengthening libraries in
  schools is crucial to the development of reading, writing, and research skills
  in students. FRM also believes that school libraries contribute to arouse
  curiosity, stimulate imagination, and inspire ways of life that dignify,
  enhance, and enrich human existence.

  The objectives of the Library Program are:
  •  To create reading and research habits in students by stimulating them to
      use books to learn and to enjoy reading.
  •  To enhance teaching practices by incorporating the use of the library and
      developing library projects that will encourage critical thinking, creativity,
      and research methods.
  •  To develop a culture where books are fun, interesting, and are an asset for
      life by encouraging families to start building their own libraries at home

  The program provides four services:
      - Assessment and proposal development
      - Setting up the library
      - Training teachers and community
      - Developing library projects

  The program, implemented in 3 stages, involves the committed participation
  of school staff and parents, and entails establishing partnerships with the
  neighboring community to ensure sustainability.

  The program also includes impact evaluation research. See Research >
       For information on reading habits and library policies in Colombia> PDF
     Escuela Miguel A. Caro, Funza
Inaugurated, April 4, 2008
   Parents bought and dedicated
   books to their children who gave
   them on loan to the library during
   the academic year.

       Colegio del Rosario, Bogotá
Inaugurated June 20, 2008
   It has as a complete collection of
   fiction and non-fiction books for
   children. Each class has library time
   once a week.


     Escuela Simon Bolívar, Tabio
The library is now in use and will be
   officially  inaugurated in April 2009
   Students are enjoying books, and
   several workshops with teachers
   have taken place.

    Escuela Ma. Azuero de Gaitán,

   Facatativá.  The library has started
   with a few books and is functioning 
   within a classroom until a new space
   is ready. This library is part of a
   comprehensive development plan
   for the school.
    Jardines de la Fundación Amigos
    de Jesús y María.
In the assessment
   and proposal stage. Due to limited
   space, each classroom will have a
   "book corner".

     Some Facts
Type  Place Grades Students Status
 Escuela Miguel Antonio Caro
 Public Funza, Colombia
 0 - 5th
 In service
 Colegio del Rosario de San Cipriano
 Private Bogotá, Colombia
 PreSchool & 0-5th    230
 In service
 Escuela Simón Bolívar
 Public Tabio, Colombia
 0 - 5th    130
 In service
 Escuela Ma. Azuero de Gaitán
 Public Facatativá, Colombia
 0 - 5th     50
 In service
 Jardines F. A. de Jesús y María
 Private Bogotá, Colombia
 Preschool    108
 In service
 Colegio San José de Castilla
 Public Bogotá, Colombia
 0 - 5th
 500 Aprox.
 Concentración Policarpa Salavarrieta
 Public Facatativá, Colombia 0 - 11th
 500 Aprox.
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