We need your support


       Your contributions make a difference!

     Adopt a Library
    and give Colombian children the opportunity to love
    books and develop good reading habits.

    With a gift of US$5,000* be the godparent of a new
    school library, which includes: book collection, interior
    infrastructure, computer, materials, and workshops on
    teaching practices and library program development

    With a gift of US$2,000* support the development of
    a school library in need of books and infrastructure

    With a gift of US$500* sponsor workshops to
    strengthen teaching practices, to integrate the library
    into curriculum and to motivate the community to use
    the library.

                            MAGA Project
      Support the institutional development of
     Escuela Ma. Azuero de Gaitán en Facatativá
    to provide children an excellent education with the
    hope that this project becomes a blueprint for the
    Contribute to our 2011 goal of raising US$25,000* to: 
     - Improve the school's infrastructure
     - Upgrade teaching material and equipment
     - Strengthen teaching practices 
     - Develop socio-cultural programs with the
    - Construction of a kitchen/cafeteria/multipurpose room

     Contribute with in-kind donations
    Books for children 0 -12 years old (not textbooks)
    Wood bookshelves
    Construction materials such as bricks, cement, paint...
    Teaching/Learning resources such as puzzles, balls,
    maps, charts (in Spanish)...

                          Every dollar counts!
      Choose the project that most interests you, and help
      us make it work! (any amount is welcome)

      *Based on January 2011 exchange rate  


Volunteer, change lives,
...including yours! 
  Internship Program
  Specialized for university students who are interested
  in one of our programs and want to participate for at
  least 1 month. We will match the student's interests to
  the needs of our programs.

  Library Support
  Do you love books and reading and have free time a
  few times a week or on a monthly basis?
  Participate in organizing a library, ensuring a library
  functions or read to students during library time. 

  Community Support
  Do you enjoy community work and have free
  time a few times a week or on a monthly basis?
  Commit yourself with a group and help it develop 
  community projects.

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